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What you will get on Telegram?

Notes, Strategies, Lecture Pdf & Website Links​
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Links of relevant videos​ (Past and Future)
Participation in Polls​
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Option 1 – Type the course name on google and add “Free course”​

Works only on best selling courses ​
The course can include virus which may harm your system​
Lengthy Process​
Will not work in more than 95% of cases​

Option 2 – Go to Specific Website for Daily Free Course Update​

Check Website –

Option 3 – Try to Find out Coupons of Top Instructor​

New Instructors will give free Coupons (50 % off, 100 % off) only to increase enrollment and Reviews​
So just be updated about the new course through Instructors’ FB page and Instagram Handles​
All Major coupons websites are not updated properly so no authenticity is there​
Coupon websites give free Courses for Free only​

Option 4 – Instructors give the opportunity to students that if you complete the first course (100%) then 2nd Course will be given to you for free​

Get paid udemy course for free

How to find a Free Course?​

Step 1 – Get to a niche (identify from different categories)
Step 2 – Follow Top-notch Professors on FB and Insta (Personal ids, Telegram Groups, FB Groups)
Step 3 – Check Udemy Website regularly with Free Filter Step 4 – Check the Coolztricks website daily to get an update on your favorite course
Step 5 – Try to complete the existing courses (which are free) of the professors and topics you love
All doubts related to Online Certificate Courses Free Have been solved

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