18 free udemy course with certification APR 2020 |Real Estate|Digital Marketing|Government|Developer

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The best 18 courses of udemy that are totally free with certifications.

All the courses you see in this video are temporarily free for 1 or 2 days that is only for 21st, 22nd & 23rd April 2020 if you see the video in the future it will not work. So let’s get started.

The first course is Get on top of real estate business with Facebook ads in 2020. T

The second course is Instagram marketing 2020, Grow organic followers naturally.

The third course is DNS server installation and configuration, windows server 2016.

The fourth course is Time value of money and capital budgeting presenting values.

The fifth course is the Financial statement analysis that is ratio analysis.

The sixth course is government accounting 200 capital project and debt services.

The seventh course is Government accounting 100.

Eight courses are not for profit accounting, charities, colleges and health care.

The ninth course is SQL masterclass: SQL for data analytics.

The tenth course is Marketing analysis that is pricing strategies and price analytics.

The eleventh course is a marketing analysis for retail business management.

The twelfth course is 7 free digital marketing course – effective marketing tools.

The thirteenth course is Search engine optimization in 2020, see what’s working today.

The fourteenth course is complete CSS 3 and bootstrap course beginning to end.

The fifteenth course in Microsoft excel masterclass for business managers.

The sixteenth course in Web development crash course 2020.

The seventh course is CNN for computer vision with Keras and TensorFlow in python.

The eighteenth course generates and visualize data in python and Matlab.

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