Bombcrypto – How to disable NERF – RESET ROI Feature (Bonus! Hero mint) – Update Review 4.03.2022

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The BIG update for all Bombcrypto gamers! The Nerf of Bombcrypto was the one of the biggest problem of community. When account got nerf the profit decreases and it makes earning process really slow. With a new feature Bombcrypto investors can RESET the ROI (Return of Investments) and start the game “from scratch” with the same heroes. From scratch in this case means that there will not be any Nerf and you will get 100% of reward. In my case Reset Roi feature cost about 108 BCOINs but I think it worths!

p/s At the end of the video you will find a small bonus! During the record this video I noticed that I have a Hero from the prison that I didn’t mint yet. So, I minted Bombcrypto Hero and included this “unboxing” part at the end of the video!

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