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0:00 Introduction
Let’s meet Tanveer and learn how to build your career in digital marketing. We bring you an insightful interview with a digital marketer from Chishtian who started learning from Youtube with the help of Dankash institute. He sits at home and earns a handsome income by offering digital marketing services online.
Today we will ask Tanveer how to start digital marketing and which is the best course to learn digital marketing in Pakistan. If you are wondering how to build your career in digital marketing then this video will show you all you need to know

0:31 Journey of Tanveer Ahmad From No Job to Digital Marketer

2:57 How did you learn digital marketing and how you are making 4-5 lacs a month?
Tanveer: I started as a programmer, my degree was software engineering. After some time I realized programming was not my piece of cake. I felt like a left out amongst all other students. Even in university all the students were preparing for tests and applying for jobs but I never wanted to do a job. I always wanted to start my own business.

How much do you make as a digital marketer?
Tanveer: One can easily make money as a digital marketer. I’m making around 5 lac a month on average. When I focus more the earning increases and when I am away on a vacation then the earning gets low.

I even found my first contract of $2000 a month in the beginning of my career.

3:14 what is digital marketing and how much time is required to become a digital marketing?
Tanveer: Promoting any business online is digital marketing. digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.
3:22 Can you learn digital marketing at home?
Tanveer: Yes, initially I learned at my home in Chistian. I watched the digital marketing course by dankash ( and understood the basics. After that I realized I need a mentor to guide me in person as well then I came to meet Sir Kashif.

3:36 How to find your clients for Digital Marketing Services?
Tanveer: There are online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and Guru, where we go and create our profiles. Once your profile as a digital marketer is complete, you can hunt for clients related to your services.
4:10 Digital Marketing career required any educational background? Or Anyone can learn it?
Tanveer: Yes anyone can learn digital marketing. You don’t even need a degree or any particular educational background to learn digital marketing.

4:17 So what has changed, from being lonely and depressed to being a successful digital marketer?
Tanveer: Yes now everyone contacts me and my inbox is full of inquiries. My friends and family are also very happy with my success. Initially, my family did not believe that we can make money through the internet and how is it possible.

4:50 What was your first earning as a digital marketer?
Tanveer: My first job was $20 that I got on Fiverr. Then I felt I needed to do more and try elsewhere as well. I started on Upwork and landed my first contract of $2000/month in the very start. I started working on it. I used to manage their store and market it online.
5:16 How a Beginner can learn Digital Marketing quick?
Tanveer: The best way to learn digital marketing for a beginner is YouTube. I have a pro tip for beginners. I watched the complete course of digital marketing on dankashsuccess YouTube channel and learned most of things.

4:45 From where to get support while learning digital marketing if you set stuck from youtube?
Tanveer: If I have any questions during the youtube course then I post them on Facebook group askdankash, I find all my answers. Also, their support team is very helpful and they guide you for everything.

6:42 What’s your message for students about how to start Digital Marketing with no experience?
Tanveer: I would say that they should start now. They can start with YouTube. Go to dankash channel and watch the complete course for digital marketing.
7:09 Can they start from 0?
Tanveer: Yes a beginner with no experience and zero-knowledge can also learn from YouTube. I started as a beginner, built my career, run the house expenses, and even have bought my own car through this earning.
7:25 Dankash Song and Successful Students

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