How to Hire a Freelancer Part 3 | Identify the Perfect Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

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Online hiring tips – learn step 3 of how to hire a freelancer for your business using the FreeUp network: identifying the perfect freelancer for your business.

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The former CEO of FreeUp, Nathan Hirsch, starts by talking about how important it is to know who you’re looking for. It’s like going to a store without any clue what you need to get. It’s not going to end well. The same goes for hiring and outsourcing. You must know the budget you want, the skill set you need, the years of experience you prefer, the hours they can work, their location, and a number of other details that are outlined in the video.

In this specific example, Nathan will explain how he would go about hiring a freelancer to handle his emails each day. By the end of the video, you’ll be ready to submit a Freelancer Request through the FreeUp marketplace so that you can meet 1-3 freelancers that fits your perfect mold and that could work as an option for you to hire.

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Your homework before you move onto video #4 is to fill out at least 1 Freelancer Request so that you can see the process, get introduced to a freelancer, and understand how to get to that point.
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