Udemy Scam! Watch Before You Make A Udemy Course

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Udemy is the absolute worst place to try and make sales with your online course. In this review and how to Udemy course guide you’ll discover the 5 reasons you should NEVER rely on Udemy for an income.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Reason #3 – Don’t care
1:46 – Reason #2 – On Sale
2:44 – Reason #1 – No List
5:07 – Tech Free
5:42 – Exposure
7:31 – Outro

Udemy Scam! Watch Before You Make A Udemy Course

Why You Shouldn’t Use Udemy

Are you thinking of making a udemy course? Wondering how to make a Udemy course?

Creating an online course requires a lot of work, from planning, researching to marketing, and it can be overwhelming for a beginner course creator. There is a lot of information and guides online on how to make a Udemy course, which is really helpful for every aspiring course creator. You should know the step-by-step process of creating a phenomenal course so you can save yourself from headaches of researching the best process of creating an online course.

In this video, learn why you should not put your course on Udemy after slaving away countless sleepless nights to put together an awesome course.

I’ll talk about three concrete reasons you shouldn’t partner up with Udemy to sell your courses. And when you stick around till the end I’ll reveal the only 2 situations where Udemy makes sense, and even that is a stretch.

Creating a course requires you to choose the correct niche to be able to build a successful online course and you have to get it right. To do this, think about an online course topic or idea you have solid knowledge about. Then analyze: will people be willing to join the online course? Will they want to pay you to have access to the online course? Are there competitors in my chosen online course niche? Contemplating on these questions will give you a direction so you can know how to create an online course.

Once you have decided the direction of your course, you should now decide where to host it. Learn in detail why I don’t recommend making a udemy course by watching this video until the end on why you shouldn’t be a udemy creator.

First, Udemy cares more for the customers or the students than you, the udemy instructor. Several udemy content creators have bad experience on the platform that you should know about.

If you want to grow your online business, Udemy is not the way to go as they run crazy low deals on your high quality courses and what this means is Udemy attracts prospects who are looking for a deal. Plus, they don’t allow you to advertise your personal brand or to grow your email list.

I’ve also listed some reasons why Udemy might be the right platform to host your online course with. One of them is that if you’ve already made a course and you already have an audience and the tech part of a membership site is what’s holding you up, then Udemy is a good temporary solution.

I hope that by watching this video on how to make a Udemy course you’re able to gain clarity whether you should be a Udemy instructor or not. Start now building the course of your dreams and start earning from it!
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